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EDNA is Your All-In-One Solution

We designed EDNA as an all-in-one solution, providing the tools that administrators, teachers, parents, and students need within a simple and concise platform. EDNA provides tools to assist with admissions, human resources, accounting, lesson planning, record keeping, and more. Now your focus can be turned to where it is most needed, with your students.

  • All inclusive solutions
  • Designed by & for Montessori Professionals
  • Fair, transparent and affordable pricing
  • Able to track student development holistically
  • Benefiting all stakeholders in service of the child
  • Promotes parents and teacher engagement in the child's educational journey


  • May need to use Multiple services
  • Most are not Montessori specific
  • Non transparent or expensive
  • Simple academic base testing
  • Focused on benefiting management
  • Provides parents with only basic information

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