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Admissions & Registration

Manage the entire admission process online. From application to registration, EDNA helps you and parents conveniently move through the steps in an easy, intuitive way.


Student Directory

Keep track of student data with the student directory. Reimagined to provide contextual data and allow timely communications, our directory functionality lets you always stay current.



The biggest challenge a school system has is communication. Keeping all interested parties in the know with timely, accurate, multimedia updates is no small task. EDNA lets you tackle this challenge with a robust communication platform and pre-written notification templates.


Parent Portal

Most school systems are designed for schools, not parents. EDNA was built with parents in mind as much as school administrators and teachers. Parents can stay connected to their child's development through the portal and access photos, notes, and notifications, and more.

parent portal
even more features

Even More Features

EDNA is designed for growth. Whether you're helping infants develop or high-schoolers prepare for college, you can use the app to manage your educational institution.

  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Program Analysis
  • Attendance
  • Lesson Creation

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